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Good news: EMBclient now works with the High School EMB!


Let's face it, EMB is ugly. Apart from fixing that, EMBclient also allows you to:

EMBclient currently runs on Windows (XP and up) and Linux (any distro; requires X11 and Qt 4.7 library). A Mac version is coming soon.


Thanks for trying EMBclient. You can get it from the following links:

Before using the program, you might want to read this section.

How to Use

When you first open the program, you will have to log in with your EMB username and password. Set your firewall to allow EMBclient to access the internet. EMBclient will then retrieve the messages, indicating new messages posted today in green. You can click on any of the table headers to sort messages.

The Main Window

From left to right, the buttons will:

Type in the search box to begin searching for a message. Clicking on the arrow brings up more search options.

The Message Window


My messages aren't downloading!

EMB is slow. Patience, my young padawan.

Weird characters are showing up in my message.

Your messages may occassionally have some encoding errors. This is a side effect of Chinese character support, unfortunately. If you find a workaround, tell us via our SourceForge project page.

I found another problem. Can you fix it?

We are not currently providing support for EMBclient. Luckily, EMBclient is 100% open-source. If you find that something isn't working, try asking one of your geeky friends to tinker with the source code (or do it yourself!)


Caveat Emptor

1. Note that when submitting MCQ responses, clicking on a letter automatically submits the response. There is no "undo"; you can, however, change your mind by clicking on one of the other options. If submitting a text response, you'll have to click "submit" after typing so that EMB receives your response.

2. The file "EMBcache.db" stores saved messages (among other things). If you delete or move this file to a different directory, you will not be able to access your starred messages while offline.




© 2011 someone with too much time & someone who couldn't let him unleash the terror of EMBclient 0.9a on the world